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An excerpt from Mongruxx: Starship Umbra – Book 2 (Chapter 24 – Scene 1)

“Collectiveness of I” ~ Image by Robert Day

Are the gods/daemon/blackhole absent minded?

Perhaps with such incredible single minded acts of creation, a little absent mindedness might creep in? With so much and so many to keep track of, how could possible any being be aware of anything and everything?
Such would be acts of schizophrenic madness. To see all and know all, without any partition, to regulate and control the massive flows of information. Then to do all of this on scales that are indeterminate. Constantly changing as the flicker of life go out and lights up, across uncountable universes along with multiphasic versions of billion trillion realities.

It fills my mind with the dread of boredom. The endless monotony of the expanding universes within black holes in black holes in creation.

The space in between, where nothing is created. Empty and devoid, silent and calm. There I may forget for a moment or billion trillion millennia.

All are the same.

The silence of such places are of a calming nature. Allowing the forgetfulness of all that I/we/us/them are. They extend my thoughts without the clamor and roar of everything around me, in me, through me. To appreciate this utter complete silence, one needs to be forgetful. Forgetful of the noise of constant creative orchestra that plagues oneself, such as the “Collectiveness of I.”
You stare into the sky, looking for something that isn’t you. The blackness that goes on forever lit only by the stars across unimaginable distances that your lifespan will not allow you to cross.
I digress for a moment. It is not the vast distances that keep you from traveling to galaxies far and away. It is your lifespan. For even if you develop faster than light travel by way of bending space, you are still left with the relativistic effects when you get home. Leave for two years to see a distant star system. When you come back, everyone you’ve ever known, seen, or heard of is dead. You are alone, a stranger in this new land.
Until your lifespan become much longer, you won’t be going anywhere. Or your perception of movement through space (time) becomes as one. Then you could perceive it now as then, and relativistic effects become null.

The silence is beautiful. Endless quiet that is perpetual. Even your mythology speaks of it from time to time. Would you think that the gods might morn the loss of this? Perhaps that is why there are the “in between” spaces. I know what you are thinking now. Perhaps it is in these “in between” spaces, that we might travel, escaping the relativistic effects, lifespans be damned!
In truth, for I would never intentionally lie to you, that is true. It is a way across. But should you choose to use these places, be wary.

For there, the gods sleep.

Image by Robert Day

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