Don’t hate the hater, hate the hate!

~ Robert Day


Thank you for dropping by. My name is Robert Day and I am a novelist, writer, philosopher, husband, solutions architect in security, a model builder and many other things. Some of them said with four letter expletives.

I spent seven years in the Navy, twenty-seven years married to a terrible person. Then after four years of being single again, I was married to the love of my life. Some people are lucky, I am one of them.

I began this site as a way to communicate with my readers. Assuming you actually read one of my books, then join the discussion! If not, what are you waiting for? By the infected toes of the red three horned gods, the book is great! GO READ IT! Then feel free to join the discussion or not. Lurk in the shadows or speak up. I promise, I’ll be gentle…

Robert Day, July 4th, 2019