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Mongruxx WolfPac Book 1

The White Desert, planet X037.54501.

The Bleeding Fist.
Something happened in the desert. Communication was lost over three years ago. The human military command structure is in shambles. Something is destroying everything in its path, military and civilian alike. Only a few people still survive. The attack tank unit Bleeding Fist, trapped on a planet far from home, no help is coming for them and no way out.

The Mongruxx, a band of mercenaries.
Lost in time and space, with their stasis unit buried in the wreckage of a Machina transport starship. Destroyed over a billion and a half standard years ago. The wreckage continued on at hyper relativistic speeds until eventually it was drawn down a gravity well and decelerated. Ending up here in this place, the white desert.

Together, they might just make it out of this alive.

~ Robert Day

Sam, the commander of the Bleeding Fist, a group of three attack tanks.
The tanker crews, a hard-bitten lot that just wants to make it through this hell hole with their naughty bits intact.
“The end is Nye” – known by the crew as the “Nye”
“Little disappointments” – known as the “Little”
“Up the river Styx” – known as the “Styx”
Joined by a civilian group of engineers, freight drivers, laborers, and other layabouts and ne’er do wells just trying to make through another day.

Golgoth, the leader of the Mongruxx. With Atilius at his side, Seneca the Ol’ bastard with his drinking skin and the rest of the Wolf Pac fighters, they will keep their promises until that final day.

Circles within circles.
Schemes and plans by the Synthocts that attempt to control and manipulate them all. The brutish Ogin lost in their animalistic fury and need to control. The cultists, mad in the worship of the old gods. And the gods themselves, watching all of this and none of it across the edges of forever.

So tighten up your body armor, make sure you keep a round in the chamber and have a good supply of cigars on hand, my friend, for it is a long walk following the path of the wolf.

~ Robert Day

The novel is 120K words or 543 pages on Kindle. Please leave a review if you like it!



Mongruxx Starship Umbra Book 2

In the journey, the disparate groups, Human, Mongruxx, Gaja, and Machina, have become one, the Mongruxx. They set out to save the humans trapped by the Sythocts before they can be integrated completely. The Synthocts are an amalgamation of cyborg and a gestalt mind forever caught in power struggles. The Mongruxx set out on a long and difficult journey to free them. And even when it’s over, it still isn’t over.

The Ogin still lurking in the background, looking for a final armoured confrontation. Faced with overwhelming odds, hard decisions will be made.

And a lot more. This book will run about 200K words or 870 pages (more or less on Kindle. Average books on Kindle are 75K words.)



Transport – Unfriendly skies

Ivan Volkov, pilot and a giant of a man. A disgraced fighter pilot, relegated to flying a scow of an orbital transport. When the bottom fell out, so did Ivan, transport and all.
Taros Cosse, crewman on the Avem Vecto, an orbital transport. Alien by birth, a bull of a man, and a temper he can barely control. Bigger than Ivan and twice as dangerous. Hell may be coming, but Taros will be there to meet it.
Avem Vecto, the orbital transport that’s become their livelihood and home. A hidden AI that controls the ship, the illicit weapons, and their safety. Hold on, it’s going to be a rough ride!



Mongruxx: Where the river ends

The Mongruxx armoured column has made it to Convallis Megalopolis. There the trouble begins as they take on their mercenary contracts in Magna Petram Megalopolis otherwise known as ‘Big Rock City’ six hours away. The powers that be in Convallis Megalopolis have an agreement with the overlord group to mine precious energy metals from beneath Convallis. The Convallis transports have been repeatedly attacked by various groups, the most attacks coming from an insurrectionist group known as the ‘Cohors Labore Sudatum.’

Everything isn’t as it seems to be, but when the hell is it ever. Sam, Hezyz, Golgoth, Akira, E. Sutton and the rest of the team trying to make to the the end of the day without taking a bullet in the back. Hell’s sitting in the seat next to you and it has a name.



Coming Next!

One way to Hell ~ EB the Rabbit Q1, 2021

One way to Hell: EB the Rabbit

Set in the same universe as the Mongruxx, EB works the darkened back alleys of Last Vegas, a district in Obscurum Altum Megalopolis. With Valentine, his sometimes on-again, off-again girlfriend, ex-wife, and occasional partner, with all of the worst attributes mixed in. The only other Rabbantine the planet, they find their way through. Taking a case that may be the most difficult in his career, he’ll find the answer or die trying.

Falling asleep, Betrice lingers on my mind. No more dirt naps for anyone.

EB the Rabbit