Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again

Book four of the Mongruxx series is finally out!

It was a long book to write, but it took the story into a different direction with a completely new cast of characters. Interesting, dark, gritty, with a smudge of something that reflects the events of our world.

As always, when a book is finished, it’s like watching one of your children leave home. You always want to do more, but the story goes where it goes. The older I get, the wilder my mind seems to become. A good thing in science fiction, an outlet for that black hearted pirate, the gunman that never grew old, the lonely wander across millions of astronomical units of space.

Read it if you dare. Reviews are always welcome.

Stay frosty my friends, we can’t let even one of of those things in here…

Until we cross this bridge again

Mongruxx: “Until we cross this bridge again” is complete. Actually it was done two weeks ago. I handed it over to my editor who is scheduled to do her magic over January, 2022. Then it will be up on Amazon, waiting to be read.

Until we cross this bridge again
Mongruxx: Until we cross this bridge again

It was a long book to write, with a lot of new characters. Some new concepts, as more parts of the White Desert planet were revealed. It’s easy to luxuriate in that environment, to revel in the character’s strange and gratuitous behavior.

Planting seeds it seems, is what I do.

So the next novel (Q3 or Q4, 2022) of the Mongruxx will have all of these interesting people (at least the ones that survived) to make their way in that world. When I’m writing, I never know where we’re going next. I think I like it that way. It keeps it interesting for me. After all, these books are for me. I want people to read and enjoy them, but if I’m completely honest, I write them for me. Places I want to go, people I want to be. Stars still unvisited.

My next book is titled, most of the characters populated, and I’ve been percolating for the last couple of weeks. During this holiday season, I’ve spent a lot of time becoming proficient in 3D printing (I received a Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer for Christmas, liked it so much, that I bought a second one. More on that in another post). Also reviving my long lost interest in electronics, building and experimenting, and having fun there in.

But the new book calls. My dreams become turbulent with no outlet in writing. With maybe 44 years left on this planet, I must always be moving forward. Learning what I can learn, accepting the broken nature of who I am, and loving the people around me.

Have a good Christmas holiday.

I’ll see you on the other side of the black, pilgrim.

Meandering Thoughts ~ Tuesday, Sept 28th, 2021

Until we cross this bridge again

I don’t write as much as I’d like to here, as I put most of my efforts into the novel I’m working on. As you can see from the cover above, the current book I’m writing is “Until we cross this bridge again.” The word count stands at 127K, targeted for 150K. But it may go further if the story requires it.

There are a lot of moving parts in this one. A large cast of characters, taking us places we haven’t gone before. Places, in fact, we didn’t know existed. This world, Planet X037.54501, continues to grow and intrigue me the more I learn about it. Surprise after surprise, things I didn’t expect to happen at all do. Often in ways, I wouldn’t have guessed. “Uncovering the dinosaur bones,” as Stephen King would say. His book on writing helped me discover my own method of writing when I first started. My first book (I’m now working on my sixth) was one of the most difficult things I had ever done, yet the easiest, most creative, and exciting. Each one after that has been challenging, teaching me so much about writing, world creation, characters, dialogs, and much more.

Inspiration comes easily when you give up the things that distract you, that you choose to escape into.

I constantly take notes. Many times, I have an interesting thought, a bit of dialog, a strange idea, while in the shower, laying in bed about to go to sleep, only to jump out of the shower and write it down (on my phone notepad), or put on my glasses in the dark, tapping away furiously recording it for future use. Only my day job pulls me regularly away, to do the things that make money, save, and so on. Eventually, that too will pass.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on closing a story arch that began at the beginning of the arrival of the Mongruxx at the S.A. Mursa base. Something they didn’t become aware of until this novel. Funny because this novel isn’t entirely about the Mongruxx. The bulk of the book is more about “The Lost.” Another human attack tank unit, similar to the protagonists of the “Bleeding Fist.” Only these characters didn’t meet the Mongruxx. They survived out on their own. Grit and determination are leading them down another path, a darker one. Perhaps due to their character? The callousness of mind that develops over a lifetime? It’s easy to hate what you don’t understand. To think you understand someone when you don’t.

Life isn’t easy.

We often make choices that come back to haunt us. Harrigan and Seeliger certainly do. But we’ll wait and see. The final pages of this story haven’t been written yet. Although we might glimpse the horizon, we still don’t know what’s ahead until we cross this bridge again.

Gaining Momentum

The long hard climb of my new Mongruxx book with a lot of new characters is gaining momentum. Forty thousand words in now, only another one hundred ten thousand words to go. A lot of the unique characters of the attack tank group “The Lost” are getting interesting.

The book “Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again” is the 4th book of the Mongruxx series. It is very different than the others, for it is really about “The Lost.” They definitely get a lot more print time; however, some story arcs do carry over from the last book, “Mongruxx: Where the river ends.” This one is a lot darker and can be read as a stand-alone quite easily.

Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again ~ Cover by Robert Day

I think I’m enjoying the journey even more so than I’ve done in the past. All of the books I’ve written have taught me something. Every one of them feels like another life I’ve lived. Usually, when I start a new book (of a series or using the same characters), I will read the last book to get the character entirely back in my head. It’s a different kind of fun, as I know these characters like the good friends that they are, yet I enjoy the story surrounding them as if someone else had written those words. Our brains are fascinating!

As a fun fluff project, I’m starting a small set of serials on Kindle Vella. A fun thing to do. It’s called “Dead Lost,” the story is of a character lying in the desert, slowly dying of thirst, yet telling us his story. Of the Alabastro and the “Book of Madness” (another short-term project. Maybe after the “Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again” is completed). How it took his life to dark places because of his desires, and what unfolds from there. Told in the first person, much like “One Way To Hell” and “Transport Unfriendly Skies.”

See you on the other side of the black, Pilgrim.

Collectiveness of I

On the down hill side

“One Way To Hell” is reaching that point where you can feel the story starting to wind down. That’s both good and bad. Good, because you want the cover to be finished, the novel to go to the editor, and then be published. Bad because there is always something else EB intends to say, another few steps along in the story taking us someplace new.

Cover Art

I’m excited about this novel as it is very different than the last four. “One Way To Hell” is written from first person perspective. Set in the same universe as the Mongruxx novels and Transport Unfriendly Skies. You see EB’s world only from his viewpoint. Some characters from other novels in this universe come into play as well. It makes for a fun experience, getting to know EB, Valentine, Tiffany Siuchykava, Spill Barryman, and many others. Definitely, a more challenging novel to write, as I never get to enjoy other characters’ viewpoints. At 80K words, it is an easy, exciting read. It should be out by April, 2021.

That said, I am excited about starting on the next Mongruxx novel, “Until we cross this bridge again.”

This novel will bring some new characters that will change how you see this world and maybe your own. The novel will be split between the new characters and the existing ones, almost feeling like two novels in one. After that, I can’t say as I haven’t uncovered those dinosaur bones yet.

But as the images show, there will be large, fully developed tank battles. Some desperate and interesting long running battles of attrition that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

I’ve been working on the cover and plan for this to be known as the black book. For the overtones within it, and the black-hearted lives that lead men to do unspeakable things that they often live to regret. For lives are lived across many lifetimes, and regrets are carried far within them. A tiger may not change its stripes, but growth remains even if it is across a thousand million lifetimes.

This is the tale of those lost in that foreverness that is life just as we all are. No rest, no respite, just an unending battle across one life to the next. Some told here, more experienced by us all. Nothing remembered, all forgotten. This is our curse and blessing. Lost among the stars, these bugs clinging to a ball of mud flung out into the great endlessly expanding beyond.

Steady, pilgrim; it’s coming. Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again – March 2022. 150K words.

Book list for the years 2021 – 2022

Strap in tight, and keep the cigar clamped between your jaws. Here are the books that are coming up next:

One Way To Hell – EB the Rabbit
Set in the same universe as the Mongruxx series, and Transport Unfriendly Skies, it’s a first person thrill ride. Plenty of action, trouble everywhere you look, it is as EB says, “One way to hell…”
80K words
Coming Q1, 2021

Mongruxx: Until we cross this bridge again
This is book four of the Mongruxx series. Dark days have set in upon the Mongruxx as they reestablish themselves at S.A.Mursa base. A new story will be told, some old friends appear, and life become pretty gods damned messy on among the vast dunes of the white desert.
Come along for the ride.
150K words
Coming Q4, 2021 – Q1,2022

Transport Unfriendly Skies – Survivors
The next installment of Transport. Our intrepid heroes, Taros, Ivan, and Ave are in the biggest fight of their lives. For their survival, the expanding war in Sabulo Megalopolis. For sanity itself.
80K words
Coming Q2-Q3, 2022

One Way To Hell ~ EB the Rabbitine
Mongruxx: Until we cross this bridge again
Transport Unfriendly Skies ~ Survivors

Mongruxx: Where The River Ends – Available Now!

Book 3 of the Mongruxx Series: Where the river ends is available on Amazon!

Where the River Ends:
Leaving S.A. Mursa base, the city-state Convallis Megalopolis waits ahead. With alien AI secrets hiding in untold places. Danger comes from all sides, including within. Some old friends leave us and perhaps never return.

The Humans, Mongruxx, Machina, and Gaja people have merged into one team, a large extended armoured family of a sort, the Mongruxx. The dead and their memories left behind as they set out to honor the distant past’s racial debts.

Lucrative mercenary contracts from the Megalopolis city-state await, with all the problems, opportunities, and hell it can bring.
Costing them everything or paying their weight in gold.

This is Book 3 in the original Mongruxx series. A long walk through the white desert where almost anything can happen. So sit down, buckle up tight, light up your cigar while you can, and keep a firm grip on that weapon.
It’s going to be one hell of a ride.