Something new

As the book Gunship Quistavera winds down, I’m getting excited about the next novel. As a part of my process, I start planning the next book towards the end of the one I am working on. It gives me even more motivation to finally stagger across the finish line and get the book to the editor.

As I design 3D printable models, this model became the basis for my next book.

War Rail

The 3D printable model in this image is posted at Printables.

Set on the planet X037.54501, otherwise known as the White Desert, in war-torn Sabulo Megalopolis. With eighty million inhabitants, Sand City is in a constant state of internal civil war between the majority alien factions and the much smaller human ones. The megalopolis is massive, covering an area of over 590 kilometers by 297 kilometers by 265 kilometers in an irregular triangular shape. Stacked into the sky and deep under the sands, no one really knows how deep into the underground it goes.

With a burgeoning population of aliens numbering over sixty-five million, and the humans numbering only fifteen million, the humans are rapidly losing the war. Rail tunnels criss-crossing and piercing the ancient depths of the megalopolis have long been abandoned, rails torn and scavenged for trade. Leaving extended tunnels behind, that only specialist armoured vehicles could use.

This is where War Rail comes in.

Originally made from human converted rail engines, these armoured war vehicles have evolved into formidable fighting machines. Carrying human warriors, munitions, weapons, supplies, and more, into deep forbidden war-torn areas that would have long perished without them

Sabulo Megalopolis is extremely poor by nature, though it once was a wealthy megalopolis bursting with both exotic minerals and hidden water supplies. These were depleted and mined out almost a thousand years ago, leaving only a bare pittance behind. The large alien population, is also known to engage in using captured human prisoners for food. A delicacy, they say.

There is no central authority in Sabulo, and none of the other megalopolis city-states are interested in the Megalopolis, for there is no wealth of any form. Just the constant embattlement of the rage factions. Mushrooms (psychedelic) are a primary crop grown in the underlevels. Heavily guarded, they are traded by the factions to other megalopolis city-states for weapons, food, and supplies.

Get ready!

War Rail is coming! Q4 2023 – Q2 – 2024