Over the halfway mark

At 114K words, I am past the halfway mark on my current novel Mongruxx: Starship Umbra Book 2. After my last book, I’ve found that once I hit the halfway mark to my goal (the goal is 200K words), things get more comfortable. Although this second book has been a lot easier to write, than the first one. A lot of that has to do with world building. Building out your world/universe/galaxy is a lot of work. But it’s worth it. Because once your world is built, you can forever play at enhancing it, changing it, developing it, and more. It’s a playground that only the gods get to play in.

Photo by Robert Day


I was watching “Adult Swim” the Venture Bros. when a commercial came on pitching Xbox games. I looked at it for a moment, thinking, Yeah! That sounds cool! Maybe I’ll buy one, waste literally years off my life having fun. Then it hit me! I remembered that it wasn’t really that much fun. I became bored relatively quickly, playing various games. But worst of all, it sucked the creativeness out of me. That thought led me to another reflection of how much I enjoyed building my worlds. There are no rules in my world except the ones I make. I can love with a depth that few have rarely known and kill with impunity. The ground trembles with the footfall of the gods.

Photo by Robert Day

I enjoy creating. The creation process if you will. It can be difficult and exhausting at times, but the ones that live in my worlds are never far from my mind. Writing books, building war vehicles, the characters, and cities in models and words. I enjoy it all. I think that perhaps I want to live there. Be in their adventures. Live by the sword, die by the same, and be re-instantiated once again. For seven times, until that final day. When all will fight, and none will die ever again.

Photo by Robert Day

One last thought. At this age, I’ve found myself aware enough to feel these spectacularly good times as I’m going through them. Usually, when you’re younger, you don’t realize the great times you are going through, the struggles and difficult challenges until they are well past. In retrospect, you may think to yourself, those were the days. I have been guilty of that. But these days, I am more aware than I have have ever been. Aware of the beautiful lovely lady I am in love with and married to, the painful feelings I have that my daughter chooses not to talk to me and not tell me why (most likely my ex-wife’s nefarious influence), the anxiousness I have over life and career on some days, the interesting life I live here among the clouds of my mind. I am grateful to be aware of these things. To not live in abject fear of the corpse god, nor death, for it is a part of the cyclic nature of whatever this is that we live in.

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