Mongruxx: Starship Umbra

The next novel in the Mongruxx series, “Mongruxx: Starship Umbra – Book 2” is available on Amazon now!

Settling into the S. A. Mursa base, the united groups of Human, Mongruxx, Machina, and Gaja people set out to save the captured humans from the Synthocts. Not knowing what lies in store for them by doing so. Lives will be lost, and friendships broken.

Image by Robert Day

But this is just the beginning of their story.
A battle made in hell is just ahead. The Ogin armour sets out to destroy them in a battle that takes from them that which may never be recovered.

The gods that may walk among us. A secret revealed that tears at the minds of those who may know.

The Synthocts many secrets, that lay within their gestalt mind. A terrible knowledge that sets in motion a chain of events that can have only one ending.

The recovery of the supermassive tank “Stella Extinctor,” that could save or be the end of us all. The unintended costs of war.

The recovery of old friends. Some who are lost, a found once again.

Join the Tank Commander Sam, Golgoth, Hezyz, Akira, Mungford, Griff, E. Sutton, Hanuman Secundus, Medicea Aamita Tabu, and many others, as we find our way once again through this, the White Desert.

I am the Wolf.

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