Mongruxx: Where The River Ends – Available Now!

Book 3 of the Mongruxx Series: Where the river ends is available on Amazon!

Where the River Ends:
Leaving S.A. Mursa base, the city-state Convallis Megalopolis waits ahead. With alien AI secrets hiding in untold places. Danger comes from all sides, including within. Some old friends leave us and perhaps never return.

The Humans, Mongruxx, Machina, and Gaja people have merged into one team, a large extended armoured family of a sort, the Mongruxx. The dead and their memories left behind as they set out to honor the distant past’s racial debts.

Lucrative mercenary contracts from the Megalopolis city-state await, with all the problems, opportunities, and hell it can bring.
Costing them everything or paying their weight in gold.

This is Book 3 in the original Mongruxx series. A long walk through the white desert where almost anything can happen. So sit down, buckle up tight, light up your cigar while you can, and keep a firm grip on that weapon.
It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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