Book list for the years 2021 – 2022

Strap in tight, and keep the cigar clamped between your jaws. Here are the books that are coming up next:

One Way To Hell – EB the Rabbit
Set in the same universe as the Mongruxx series, and Transport Unfriendly Skies, it’s a first person thrill ride. Plenty of action, trouble everywhere you look, it is as EB says, “One way to hell…”
80K words
Coming Q1, 2021

Mongruxx: Until we cross this bridge again
This is book four of the Mongruxx series. Dark days have set in upon the Mongruxx as they reestablish themselves at S.A.Mursa base. A new story will be told, some old friends appear, and life become pretty gods damned messy on among the vast dunes of the white desert.
Come along for the ride.
150K words
Coming Q4, 2021 – Q1,2022

Transport Unfriendly Skies – Survivors
The next installment of Transport. Our intrepid heroes, Taros, Ivan, and Ave are in the biggest fight of their lives. For their survival, the expanding war in Sabulo Megalopolis. For sanity itself.
80K words
Coming Q2-Q3, 2022

One Way To Hell ~ EB the Rabbitine
Mongruxx: Until we cross this bridge again
Transport Unfriendly Skies ~ Survivors

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