Gaining Momentum

The long hard climb of my new Mongruxx book with a lot of new characters is gaining momentum. Forty thousand words in now, only another one hundred ten thousand words to go. A lot of the unique characters of the attack tank group “The Lost” are getting interesting.

The book “Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again” is the 4th book of the Mongruxx series. It is very different than the others, for it is really about “The Lost.” They definitely get a lot more print time; however, some story arcs do carry over from the last book, “Mongruxx: Where the river ends.” This one is a lot darker and can be read as a stand-alone quite easily.

Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again ~ Cover by Robert Day

I think I’m enjoying the journey even more so than I’ve done in the past. All of the books I’ve written have taught me something. Every one of them feels like another life I’ve lived. Usually, when I start a new book (of a series or using the same characters), I will read the last book to get the character entirely back in my head. It’s a different kind of fun, as I know these characters like the good friends that they are, yet I enjoy the story surrounding them as if someone else had written those words. Our brains are fascinating!

As a fun fluff project, I’m starting a small set of serials on Kindle Vella. A fun thing to do. It’s called “Dead Lost,” the story is of a character lying in the desert, slowly dying of thirst, yet telling us his story. Of the Alabastro and the “Book of Madness” (another short-term project. Maybe after the “Mongruxx: Until We Cross This Bridge Again” is completed). How it took his life to dark places because of his desires, and what unfolds from there. Told in the first person, much like “One Way To Hell” and “Transport Unfriendly Skies.”

See you on the other side of the black, Pilgrim.

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