Book list for the years 2021 – 2022

Strap in tight, and keep the cigar clamped between your jaws. Here are the books that are coming up next:

One Way To Hell – EB the Rabbit
Set in the same universe as the Mongruxx series, and Transport Unfriendly Skies, it’s a first person thrill ride. Plenty of action, trouble everywhere you look, it is as EB says, “One way to hell…”
80K words
Coming Q1, 2021

Mongruxx: Until we cross this bridge again
This is book four of the Mongruxx series. Dark days have set in upon the Mongruxx as they reestablish themselves at S.A.Mursa base. A new story will be told, some old friends appear, and life become pretty gods damned messy on among the vast dunes of the white desert.
Come along for the ride.
150K words
Coming Q4, 2021 – Q1,2022

Transport Unfriendly Skies – Survivors
The next installment of Transport. Our intrepid heroes, Taros, Ivan, and Ave are in the biggest fight of their lives. For their survival, the expanding war in Sabulo Megalopolis. For sanity itself.
80K words
Coming Q2-Q3, 2022

One Way To Hell ~ EB the Rabbitine
Mongruxx: Until we cross this bridge again
Transport Unfriendly Skies ~ Survivors

Mongruxx: Where The River Ends – Available Now!

Book 3 of the Mongruxx Series: Where the river ends is available on Amazon!

Where the River Ends:
Leaving S.A. Mursa base, the city-state Convallis Megalopolis waits ahead. With alien AI secrets hiding in untold places. Danger comes from all sides, including within. Some old friends leave us and perhaps never return.

The Humans, Mongruxx, Machina, and Gaja people have merged into one team, a large extended armoured family of a sort, the Mongruxx. The dead and their memories left behind as they set out to honor the distant past’s racial debts.

Lucrative mercenary contracts from the Megalopolis city-state await, with all the problems, opportunities, and hell it can bring.
Costing them everything or paying their weight in gold.

This is Book 3 in the original Mongruxx series. A long walk through the white desert where almost anything can happen. So sit down, buckle up tight, light up your cigar while you can, and keep a firm grip on that weapon.
It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

One way to Hell, EB the Rabbit

The current book I am working on.

The cover above it the tentative cover for the novel. Set in the same universe as the Mongruxx series, and Transport Unfriendly Skies, it’s a first person thrill ride. Plenty of action, trouble everywhere you look, it is as EB says, “One way to hell…”

Imagery from the “White Desert”
Imagery from the “White Desert”

Mongruxx: Where the river ends

Mongruxx: Where the river ends – Book 3
Convallis Megalopolis, Alien AI secrets, Some old friends leave and never return. The Humans, Mongruxx, Machina, and Gaja people have merged into one team, a large extended family of a sort, the Mongruxx. The dead have been left behind, as they set out to honor the racial debts of the distant past. The Megalopolis City-States loom ahead, with mercenary contracts that could cost them everything, or pay them their weight in gold.

The novel is complete and handed over to the editor! Hopefully finished before Christmas. I plan to start an advertising campaign next year around March for this novel series as well as Transport Unfriendly Skies.

Now on to the next!

Transport Unfriendly Skies – Now Available!

Available in Kindle, Paperback or KindleUnlimited!

Ivan Volkov – pilot of the Avem Vecto.
Originally owned one of the megalithic corporations. Ivan flew her for many years until the world turned to shit. He escaped with Avem Vecto before she could be scrapped. Later he came across Taros Crosse, and they chose to work together. Partners, they transport whatever and whoever that will pay.

Taros Crosse, Ivan’s partner, and gunner of the Avem Vecto. A giant bull of a minotaur biped. If there’s a fight to be had, that’s where you’ll find him.

The Avem Vecto. A large armed heavy transport, orbit and intersystem capable, flying the unfriendly skies of planet X037.54501 otherwise known as the White Desert.

Ivan and Taros take a contract that gets them neck deep in the fight for Sabulo Megalopolis.
The Ambulans, crashlanding just outside of Sabulo, begin an avalanche of events that escalates the conflict in ways that no one could have expected. The Viridis Manus (Green Hands) have a secret that threatens to erupt the conflict into an even greater war. Their machinations threaten everyone with a breath in their lungs. Human resistance, only fifteen million souls left in Sabulo Megalopolis. Sixty-five million nonhuman alien inhabitants surround them, controlling large areas of Sabulo. A brutal war that could find them all gone.
Ivan coughed, then stubbed out his cigarette. “I guess you’re right Taros, sometimes violence is the answer.”
Taros snorted. “No Ivan, violence is always the answer.”

Mongruxx: Where the river ends

I am currently working on the next Mongruxx book in the series. Goal is 120K words (keep the size down for Kindle). Recently I have been trying out having art work down for the books. The current book about to be published (still with my editor) is Transport: Unfriendly Skies. It exists in the same universe. New characters, more humor and a lot of fun.

Below is some artwork that will be used in “Where the river ends.”


Golgoth and Sam – copyright Robert Day
The manifestation imagined! – copyright Robert Day

Transport Unfriendly Skies

Taros inserted a coms device into his right ear, then held out the box to Ivan.
Ivan shook his head, frowning. “No thanks, Taros. One jackass in my ear is more than enough.”
Taros eyes narrow, then snorted. “Gods damn it, Ivan! Quit behaving like a spoiled child and take the damned earpiece!”
Andrade and Prio stood across the compartment, talking. Andrade looked over at Ivan questioningly.
Ivan lowered his head as he blushed slightly. “Ok, Taros. I didn’t want the ship yammering in my ear the whole time I’m away from it.”
Taros slowly shook his head, his big horns barely missing the overhead. “And I thought I was the stubborn one.”
A soft tone emanated from the overhead. “Ivan, I will only contact you if needed. So the only yammering in your ear will be Taros, I afraid.”
Taros grinned. “Thanks Ave. I’ll make sure I yammer enough for both of us.”
Ivan rolled his eyes.
Andrade looked at Prio, then Ivan and Taros. “Are you two done yammering? We’ve got places to be.”
Taros snorted and banged his horns against the bulkhead. “I’d say so, Andrade.”
Ivan rubbed his forehead, then looked at Andrade. “Where’s the meet?”
Andrade flipped her long dark hear back over her shoulder. “A bar, where else. Follow me.”
A soft tone emanated from the lock. “Stay safe out there, and Ivan, make sure you look twice when crossing the street.”
Ivan shook his head. “Everyone’s a comedian.”

The bar was dark, filthy, and full of smoke.
Ivan coughed, then looked at Andrade. “Did they just put out a fire in here?”
Andrade pointed at a lit sign above the bar. “It’s called the smoke bar for a reason.”
Ivan shook his head, then pulled out a cigarette. Lighting it, he watched the smoke lazily rise to the ceiling and stay. “It should be called the no air filtration bar.”
Ivan coughed.
Taros stood at the bar, looking around. The barkeep was at the other end of the bar, consciously ignoring him. Taros reached over the bar, grabbing a bottle of whiskey and four shot glasses. As he started walking away, the bartender finally noticed him. A large burly man stepped out of the shadows, coming near Taros. “We don’t like your kind in here. Why don’t you find someplace else to drink?”
Taros snorted.
Then started laughing.
He laughed so long and loud that the denizens of the bar started to look at him.
The large burly man placed his hand on Taros.
Taros’ eyes instantly went red.
“That was a mistake friend,” was the last thing the burly man heard before he found himself flying across the room, then smashing into a wall headfirst.
Taros snorted, stomping his iron shod hooves into the floor, damaging the wooden surface.
Everything was silent. No one moved or made a sound.
Taros looked around the room. His head and horns whipping around, looking for the next target.
Gradually, people began to speak again, business as usual.
Taros stood there a moment more, the red slowly leaving his eyes. Moving to an unoccupied table, he set down the bottle of whiskey and the four glasses. Andrade, Prio, and Ivan came over to join him.
Taros sat down on an oversized stool that creaked under his weight. Grabbing the bottle of whiskey, he poured the four shot glasses to the brim.
Ivan’s smiled reached all the way up to his eyes.
Taros cocked his head.
Ivan looked at Taros. “See? You didn’t have to kill everyone. “
Prio looked across the room. “Just that one guy there. He looks pretty dead to me.”
Taros made a lopsided grin. “Yah, sorry about that, Prio.”
A sunny smile crossed her face. “No worries, Taros.”
Taros looked across the room at the body, then looked back at her. “Sometimes Prio, you’ve got to take out the trash.”
The bartender and a bouncer moved towards the dead body of the big man. Grabbing him by his feet, they dragged him out the back door.
Ivan watched, taking a drag from his cigarette. “I don’t think that’s the first time this has happened in here, and probably won’t be the last.”
Andrade chuckled. “Especially if Taros keeps coming back.”
They all began to laugh.
Taros lifted his glass. “Time to take out the trash!”
Ivan, Andrade, and Prio lifted their glasses and clinked them against his. “Time to take out the trash!” they said in unison, then threw back their drinks.

A tall man in dark glasses and an overcoat approached the table. “That man belonged to me.”
Removing his glasses, he looked at Andrade. “I’m Milo Becker, your contact. That dead guy over there,” they all looked over where the dead guy was being dragged out, “was Johan Werner, a local district fixer. Let’s get out of here while we can.”
Taros looked at the whiskey bottle, then Milo. “We haven’t finished out drinks yet, Milo. Leaving right now would be rude. You would want us to be rude, would you?”
Milo looked at Taros for several seconds, then looked away. “No, of course not, where are my manners. Please, continue.”
Andrade held out her hand across the table to Milo. “A pleasure to meet you in person, Milo. These are my associates, Prio Vega, Ivan Volkov, and Taros Crosse.”
Milo nodded. “A pleasure meeting all of you.”
Taros grabbed the whiskey bottle and filled the shot glasses to the brim. Sliding his over to Milo, he nodded. “You can use mine, Milo. I’ll drink from the bottle.”
Then Taros tilted the bottle back and chugged down half the bottle. Wiping his mouth off, he set down the bottle with exaggerated care and winked at Milo.
Milo picked up his glass. “To your health.”
Everyone else did the same, then threw back the drink. Taros drank the rest of the bottle, this time setting it down hard enough, that it smashed into pieces. Then he turned away from the table and belched a colossal burp. The table next to them started gagging and trying to wave it away.
Looking back at Prio, he winked. “Got to be polite.”
She grinned back at him.
Milo’s eyes were wide as he carefully looked around the room. “Now that our drinks are done, would you care to adjourn to the warehouse?”
Andrade nodded. “Let’s go.”
Ivan crushed out his cigarette and got up to go.