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My new book Mongruxx WolfPac is now available and it is free starting tomorrow! Please download and leave a review after you read it! Thank you!

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Excerpt from Chapter 16:

Focusing back on the exploding shells, he did not see any of the enemy vehicles stopped. They still continued forward. “Ready yourselves, Ogin, for today is ours!” he shouted. And a moment later, unable to contain themselves, the Ogin warriors vaulted over the sides of the vehicles and rushed forward on foot. The chief gunner was now shooting level, seeing the shells explode harmlessly on forward heavy shields of the enemy vessels. The explosive force was sending a huge back blast back towards his onrushing troops. Punching the gunner in the back of the head, Ucktus shouted “Stop firing!” But the gunners head had already mashed into the controls causing the main gun to dip. Firing, it atomized six of the Ogin warriors running forward.
Ucktus pulled his large pistol from his holster and placed it at the back of the gunners head.
“You are demoted gunner,” he said, squeezing the trigger. Brain matter splashed on him and the main gun where it sizzling on the hot barrel. Reaching out a giant finger, he scraped some of the brain matter onto his finger and placed it in his mouth.
A smile again creased his dirty lumpen face. Then he turned rapidly, leaped over the side of the war vessel, and ran towards the fight. Demoted, the body of the dead Ogin gunner slipped forward out the gunner’s seat and onto the floor, leaking blood and brain tissue.

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