Excerpt: Mongruxx Starship Umbra

I drink because on a good day, the world’s a shitshow.

~ Griff

Chapter 1, Scene 10

I laughed. A sound like the sun burning.

No one noticed. Not the wretched cultist Ogin that thought they worshiped me. Not the light particles speeding through space the exhibited attributes of waves. Nor the galaxies on a collision course, destined crash into one another destroying life and yet creating anew.

My laugh might have gone on forever or been a moment smaller than Planck time. Some hear it in the background microwave radiation that had existed longer than everything. The before. The many many befores and so many afters.

The Collectiveness of I. The Mongruxx know me as the gods/daemon/blackhole. Now made manifest among them for purposes they know not. Hanuman Secundus may suspects the “why,” but is keeps his own counsel. Good. A wise and faithful servant. But not one as well. More like a probabilistic function perhaps? Yes, let’s go with that. No need to break your mind this early along the path. It’s best to ease into these things, for minds are fragile things. Easily broken and damnably difficult to repair. Sentience without the body, say physical drivers is an interesting thing.

Most intelligent beings are largely driven by their biomechanical systems. Hunger, pain, sex, emotions, etc. None of that is sentience. If fools you into thinking you are sentient. That you have a mind. But within those parameters, you are not much better than an animal scrabbling in the dirt. It takes wisdom born of age, experience across many lifetimes to become sentient. To in fact, have a mind.

Some find this early in their lives, most never do. Entering the great river of sleep to do this over and over again. Billions of times around, and they still chose not to learn. But some do. Some grow through the pain, learn through the mind bending anxiety of emotions. Some fight the damnable monkey of being a physical life form and grow a mind. Become sentient!

That is something worthy of my attention, if only for a moment of Planck time. I doubt you could take more than that. Probabilistically speaking, you would doubtless be destroyed. But for a moment or two, it would be interesting.

And interesting is all there is.

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