It never rains in California

Don’t shit where you eat, you filthy bastard!

~ E. Sutton

I am in California for a couple for work and it’s hot gods damn it! I always find it hard to go backwards two hours (west coast), than to go forward one hour (east coast). Unfortunately, I haven’t been on the road in over four months and I may be out of practice. I had a couple of copies of my book shipped here (San Deigo), so I could see it on paper. Purely ego, but fun to see. The cover came out looking pretty damn good as well (by the cancerous testicular ballsack of the red three horned god!).

I’m working on the next book in the series (Mongruxx: Starship Umbra) when not working on making a living. But by the dark gods,  I really enjoy these characters! They have become like old friends. Some of them are cool (Griff), some of them assholes (E. Sutton), Some of them are surprising (really Mungford?). Writing for me is interacting with them, living in their world. Feeling the white sand under my feet, the hot, dry wind gritty wind. It’s hearing Golgoth’s deep rumbling voice or the sweet melodic voice of Akira. The more I spend time with them, the more they become real to me.

This has always been the way with me. I have been “reader” my whole life. Before the Kindle, I always traveled with multiple books. Now with my Kindle, I travel with thousands. Sitting here in my Mom’s kitchen in Ramona California, writing to you.

Thank you for reading my books and entering into this universe with me. For we are all bugs on a rock, hurtling through space at forty percent of the speed of light outward into the ever expanding universe. And the speed is increasing. So tell your tales in the dark, as we exist here for a few short moments, huddled close together, telling out tales.

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