Mongruxx: Starship Umbra

Book 2

So far it’s been a good weekend of writing. My day job has been very busy as of late, so I have to be very focused when I am up early in the morning writing. A challenge that I walk through every single day. But that is Ok. Just like the aches and pains of growing old, I am alive. When I don’t feel like writing, then I go ahead and do, I win!

Sitting outside yesterday with my best friend and love, my wife. She was feeling persnickety, I assumed because of the way she picked at me. She is younger than me, so some things aren’t as clear yet as they become after fifty (assuming you are introspective, work hard on yourself, and grow). So, I listened and stayed the course, knowing it was a moment, not a forever. Thinking about it now, it’s like the aches and pains of growing older (I am 56). Sometimes when I awake in the morning, parts of me hurt!

Imagine that!

But I am alive, getting to do what I want to do!. It is the same with her. Sometimes her being persnickety is just the aches and pains of a relationship. But I get to be in it! With my best friend, the woman I am blessed to have love me, the way I love her.

Some people are lucky. I am one of them.

I finished the fifth chapter yesterday after struggling through a couple of weeks of travel, the heat in California without air-conditioning (Damn it’s hot in Ramona during the day) and then small children home during the summer. Everyone is back at school, and I think this upcoming week we will become more normalized.

But yesterday was awesome! I sat and wrote almost five thousand words, finished the fifth chapter, “Bluefin Tuna” and am starting the sixth chapter as soon as I am done rambling here. The story took a surprising turn that I did not expect. But as Steven King said in his book “On Writing,” you uncover the dinosaur bones. Like an archeologist, not knowing at times where it will lead. Much like our lives. We don’t know where they will lead, but it will be somewhere and the journey getting there is worth everything.

I’d eat your pancakes…

~ Griff

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