Mongruxx: Starship Umbra

Book 2

An excerpt from Chapter 9, Scene 8.

The Collectiveness of I

Gods can die.

Although nothing truly dies, it becomes something else. E=MC2 and all that rot. So perhaps it’s consciousness that dies. That we are so afraid to die, our consciousness to die is a fascinating thing!
Is it something so fragile? Or something that is extraordinary rare?
Or is it that true sentience that is extremely rare?
What is sentience? Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. To do something subjectively, requires you to think and reason?

For example, a dog (a four legged mammal that once cohabitated with humans on planet earth) has conscious experiences. Feels pleasure and pain, worries about the future (doesn’t want to go to the vet / looks forward to you coming home), holds beliefs and desires (owner is good, neighbor is bad, bark at him!).

So is a dog sentient?
It would seem so.

Does a dog have consciousness?
From the definition of the word, it would be a state/quality of sentience or awareness of internal/external existence. Certainly, a dog would qualify for that! So would a great variety of other mammals on earth.

In the Hindu culture of ancient earth (perhaps before the Milkyway Galaxy slammed into the Andromeda Galaxy and the earth was destroyed), the belief was that after you died, you would reincarnate. If you had not learned, your intentions were bad or negative, then you experience a negative future. If you learned, had good intent, etc., then you experience a positive future. They called it “Samsara,” the cycle of death and rebirth. An interesting culture that captures much of what came before it and still spreads it seed today. Perhaps that is where the ideas of heaven (positive future) and hell (negative future) come from. Certainly, a life can be hellish, then later become like heaven.

Gods can die.
The ideas or consciousness that does survive, the Ego partially derived from the Id perishes in death.

But how can gods die you ask?
Just as you do, subsumed by larger, stronger beings. Through accident or fault perhaps. Life can be brittle, and it certainly isn’t fair.
No, not fair at all.
We all want to live forever, but no one ever does. We want to remember, the times and places, the people we love, the fights we fought both in winning and losing, for we learn much in each.

Gods can dream.
The Collectiveness of I, a gods/daemon/blackhole manifestation dreamed. We dreamed of you. Of worlds across this vast galaxy expanding into the endless night. Planting the seeds of trees, that we will never know the shade of. For the fragile thing that consciousness is, sentience must be, are the seeds. Coded in fact into your very DNA. The so called “Akashic records” are encrypted right into the very instruction of life itself. Inside of each and every one of you (and your little dog too).

To know all such things and more, surely must be madness. Or at least the doorway to it. Sometimes sanity is held on to by the barest of threads. But then, so is it, in this ever expanding universe.

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